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Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

Welcome to Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk.  Our aviation podcast is delivered by two experienced pilots that work as air traffic controllers.  We fly in the NAS and we interact with the community through our podcast.  Our show is driven by your feedback and questions.  Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

May 30, 2022

Episode 230 Show Notes


Topic of the show: AG and RH discuss routing additions to flight following, obstacle departure changes, reroutes, filing IFR with ATC on the ground, and much, much more!  This week’s episode is based entirely on listener questions about the NAS, flying, and ATC!


Timely Feedback:

  1. 1. Patron...

May 23, 2022

Episode 229 Show Notes


Topic of the show:  Did the controller say the magic words and clear you into the Bravo airspace?  AG and RH offer their opinions on implied Bravo clearances and how you can handle the situation.  We also discuss safe and effective means of allowing your student to make mistakes along the way. ...

May 16, 2022

Episode 228 Show Notes


Topic of the show: When does a botched approach cross the line into a possible pilot deviation?  We will discuss our opinions on the use of automation during an approach, proper monitoring of the autopilot, and how to best comply with controller instructions.  We also discuss speed...

May 9, 2022

Episode 227 Show Notes


Topic of the show: AG and RH talk about life before GPS, stray visual approach paths, and forced IFR cancellation.  We also hear from a couple pilots that overflew Bravo and didn’t realize they were in the worst spot possible.  This episode is packed with aviation gold, you don’t want to...

May 2, 2022

Episode 226 Show Notes


Topic of the show: AG and RH discuss a listener’s text message exchange when ATC thought his radios were not working.  What do we suggest with using cell phones and having a backup communication device when flying in the NAS?  We also discuss impossible ATC instructions, check in...