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Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

Welcome to Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk.  Our aviation podcast is delivered by two experienced pilots that work as air traffic controllers.  We fly in the NAS and we interact with the community through our podcast.  Our show is driven by your feedback and questions.  Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

Feb 29, 2024

Episode 321 Show Notes


Topic of the show: On this week’s show, AG and RH discuss ways to stay sharp in aviation. How do you make sure you’re engaged and always improving?  What methods do you use to stay on top of your game?  We also discuss STEM flights for young aviators, IFR flights at VFR altitudes, and tower/tracon point outs.  This episode was fun to record! Enjoy!


Timely Feedback:

1. Patron RW sent feedback about “this page intentionally left blank” 

2. SGAC ED sent feedback about “this page intentionally left blank” 

3. SGAC BS sent an announcement about Patron AJ and himself trying to skip straight to the airlines. 



1. Patron DJS talks about STEM flights 

2. Patron MCB sent audio feedback about airspace shapes. 

3. Patron TMH sent audio feedback about through clearances. 

4. Patron AMM sent feedback about great service from center controllers and suggested taxi routes through non movement areas. 

5. Patron DB asks about point outs between TRACON and tower and altitudes on airways that aren’t typical. 


Mentioned on the show: Kai Tak Airport,


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