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Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

Welcome to Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk.  Our aviation podcast is delivered by two experienced pilots that work as air traffic controllers.  We fly in the NAS and we interact with the community through our podcast.  Our show is driven by your feedback and questions.  Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

Jan 30, 2023

Episode 265 Show Notes


Topic of the show: Alpha Golf toured three facilities in the greater Cowboy Bravo area and shares all of his observations like the high volume of traffic, the complexity of the airspace, and the workload on each controller.  We also discuss go arounds, ADS-B coverage and equipage, and...

Jan 23, 2023

Episode 264 Show Notes


Topic of the show: On this week’s show, AG and RH explain why the arrivals and departures conflict, how we solve those issues at TRIAD, and why our airspace and traffic levels make the solution different than a larger Class Bravo airport.  We also discuss pop up IFR clearances and hear some...

Jan 16, 2023

Episode 263 Show Notes


Topic of the show: Visual approaches can be one of the most poorly understood procedures for a newly certified instrument pilot.  On this week’s show, AG and RH review some basic assumptions behind visual approaches, the timing of calling the field in sight, and understanding your position in...

Jan 9, 2023

Episode 262 Show Notes


Topic of the show: On today’s show, we answer a question from a pilot that had a last second go-around with multiple aircraft in either direction.  What did ATC do right and what could they have done to improve the outcome of this traffic scenario?  What can the pilot do to prepare for...

Jan 2, 2023

Episode 261 Show Notes


Topic of the show: A student pilot is in busy airspace near a Class Bravo surface area without a Class B clearance.  What did the student say to get an immediate solution from ATC?  Find out on this episode.  We also discuss reroutes, listening skills, and the service provided by Angel Flight...