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Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

Welcome to Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk.  Our aviation podcast is delivered by two experienced pilots that work as air traffic controllers.  We fly in the NAS and we interact with the community through our podcast.  Our show is driven by your feedback and questions.  Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

Mar 31, 2020

Episode 118 Show Notes

Topic of the show: We asked listeners about their favorite instructor and we have some great feedback.  We are going to resist the urge to talk about current events.  Please use this show as a momentary escape from reality and stay safe, healthy, and happy.  We will get through this time and we...

Mar 23, 2020

Episode 117 Show Notes

Topic of the show: In this week’s installment of normalcy, we discuss Flight Checks.  What are they?  Who does them?  How do controllers safely handle these critically important missions?  AG and RH share our experiences and answer more of your awesome feedback! 

Timely Feedback:

  1. PATRON Delta...

Mar 16, 2020

Episode 116 Show Notes

Topic of the show: “Climb Via SID” vs. “Climb and Maintain” phraseology present a challenge depending on how the clearance is executed on departure.  We break down the difference and illustrate some techniques for pilots that aren’t sure exactly what clearance they have been issued.


Mar 9, 2020

Episode 115 Show Notes

Topic of the show: What if a control instruction places you close to another piece of airspace that is controlled by another facility?  Should you call both controllers?  Should you be monitoring both frequencies?  AG and RH try to clear up some of the confusion and give their opinions on best...

Mar 2, 2020

Episode 114 Show Notes

Topic of the show: We encourage flight following on almost every episode.  But what about short flights or local training flights?  What should you do?  AG and RH share their opinion on the use of flight following in these types of scenarios.  We also get to more of your awesome questions.  Thank...